Kayaking Packages$250 per person*

Stay & Play #2: "Rapid Progression" Kayak Lessons

$250 per person*

This package includes 2 days of kayaking with Wet Planet Whitewater.

This Wet Planet Whitewater course is designed for the beginning kayaker who does not have time to commit to three days and feels comfortable moving at an accelerated pace. The goal of the course is to provide novice kayakers with the fundamental skills to begin kayaking on Class I and II whitewater.

The course is based out of Wet Planet`s riverside headquarters in the Columbia River Gorge. On the first day, Wet Planet will introduce students to the equipment necessary for kayaking and assist students with equipment selection and boat fitting. You will then spend time in the pool learning the basics of safe boat exit and practicing the fundamentals for the Eskimo roll progression. After the pool session, you are off to the lake to work on the basics of kayak handling and maneuvering. The second day of the course is spent on one of the rivers of the Columbia River Gorge developing fundamental paddling skills. Progressing from slow-moving water to Class II whitewater, you will practice basic boat handling, eddy-turns and peel-outs, ferrying, water reading, self-rescue techniques, and safe paddling techniques.

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